Monday, February 13, 2006

The end of imagination

No, I'm not Arundhati Roy's greatest fan. Rather, I'm quite cynical about her and others of her kind. But I do think she manages to come up with some incredibly compact phrases, which are very appropriate in the sense she uses them , as well as open ended to allow considerable intellectual and linguistic latitude for the plagiarisers. Brutality smeared in peanut butter - good. The algebra of infinite justice - brilliant.

Here, I use the title of her famous essay on India's nuclear tests to convey my own situation with regards to my blog. You see, I'm not really suited to the free-flowing spontaneous style of writing directly to the computer screen, which is what bloggers do (I assume), and I have done till now. I like my pen, and my paper, and since I'm more interested in preaching my viewpoint than in divulging personal information, writing a composite topical essay before publishing it as a blog makes more sense( which might just be a fancy way of saying that I don't have anything to write, but I still want to write right now). So for today, I will limit myself to making a couple of lists, forming some sort of a direction statement for this blog.

A list of topics I want to eventually cover in my posts ...(in no particular order)

1. The bastardization of popular culture
2. My musical credo
3. The girls I have known
4. Sex & sexuality
5. In defence of democracy
6. Crime & Justice : Capital Punishment
7. A semi-chronological history of rock music
8. Mathematics - the language of the Universe
9. Philosophy and organised religion
10. Hinduism
11. Evolution & Darwinism
12. Ancient Indian history
13. Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Movement
14. Education and career
14. The greatest sport on earth
15. Cricket
16. The great dilemmas of society and culture
17. The concept of a nation
18. Money and the notion of success
19. The armed forces
21. The Asian century
22. The partition of India and the Kashmir issue
23. Fate, destiny and astrology
24. God & the Final Question

A list of lists I want to make for this blog...

1. A list of topics I want to eventually cover in my posts
2. A list of lists I want to make for this blog(is this a meta-list or what)
3. A list of immortal quotations
4. Lists of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, etc.
5. A list of things I'm thankful for
6. A list of the greatest technological revolutions
7. Lists of best bands, musicians, vocalists, etc.
8. A list of things I'm cynical about
9. A list of things I can't comprehend about this world
10. A list of must - reads

Random assertion - Sushmit Sen(Indian Ocean) is the best acoustic guitarist of the world. I have seen the band in concert and most often he plays what looks like a very modified guitar, but a guitar all the same.

Random gyaan - Contrary to popular belief, the Ganga is very clean in Banaras. The cleanest, in fact of any major river I have seen in any major city/town.


pradeep said...

Well,so finally you too are into it.
Must say, you are good at writing in a managed way.

Maverick said...

now that was really something... :) way to go... anyways do cover kashmir & indian armed forces issue first..:) keep blogging...