Saturday, February 04, 2006

Introduction - I, Me, Myself

Just the basic facts......

I am ...... Ritwik Priya

I am doing.... B.E(Computer Engineering), 3rd year, from DDU, Nadiad...for the uninitiated its a place halfway between Ahmedabad and Baroda.

I was born.....on 16th Nov 1984, at Raxaul...a small town in north Bihar at about 27 degrees North , 85 degrees E...3 km from the Nepal border and 4 km from Birganj..a place in Nepal famous for smuggling Chinese made electronic goods into India.

My native place....would according to the patriarchal system of denoting one's hometown , be Bhandari, a village in Sitamarhi district , Bihar. I have only been there twice, though.

I have stayed in....Dumra, Muzaffarpur, Vyara, Bhuj, Bariya, Rajpipla, Baroda, Surat, Singpaore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Nadiad...not exactly nomadic, but part and parcel of your life if your father happens to be in a transferrable job. Barring the first two and the obvious, the rest are in Gujarat

I am creating this make the internet my sounding board, and reach out with my views on everything under the sun...I have wasted far too much time brilliantly arguing my case in front of imaginary audiences...virtual space should provide some solace .

This blog will contain..... my world view , based on my experience and my readings. Rudimentary music and movie reviews may intersperse my raving and ranting.

It will not contain.... details of my everyday personal life....I am not too keen on actually befriending cyberspace...I believe in the concept of the internet transcendent rather than the internet immanent...and seriously, would you rather know what someone said to me today ...or my analysis of why people say certain things to other people in general.

Its called ...........'Of thought & action' ...because I believe that the dichotomy between those two aspects of human endeavour is fundamental yet subtle, practical yet philosophical, and very central to defining one's life, physically and metaphysically. In other words your position on the thought-action spectrum is ur raison d etre, in the atomic as well as the bigger picture.

I sign off as .....'zen babu'. The Zen signifies that I believe I'm philosophically advanced. The Babu signifies that I'm a Bihari(not as if it means a lot to me, but still). I know its a corny name, but I coudn't come up with anything better in the short time one wants to spend on registration. Feel free to suggest something better.

I will update ... on an average, about once a week.

This has been...a long blog. Pardon me, but be prepared for more. I love talking, especially about myself. Verbosity is one of my many flaws.

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Maverick said...

Ok that was one of the best intro i've ever read, though it doesn't really cover the whole "RITWIK PRIYA" package but i think no words can, even written by you. For that they'll have to meet you to get to know what ritwik priya is all about.. anyways happy blogging...