Monday, November 17, 2008


Claiming that the faults of big business are not the faults of capitalism is logically and morally equivalent to saying that the faults of big governments are not the faults of communism.

Last I heard, the modern corporation was defined by its system of distributing residual claims and the nature of those claims. Just as socialism is a definite system of governance and socialists should not be blurring it to simply mean anything that desires the greater benefit of the society, capitalism is also a very definite system of ownership and cannot be over-extended to mean just all the good things with the idealised free market. Corporatism is a stupid word.

So, stop with that argument already. It is tautological.


avataram said...

where is fundaes-1?

Venu said...

How does it matter what label people give to their beliefs? If I say I am against corporate lobbies, then that is what is important, not the fact that I call myself a supporter of capitalism (which is usually for the sake of convenience and easy communication), even though corporate lobbies have been an inseparable part of capitalism as it has been practised so far.

Tanuj Solanki said...


where is fundaes-1?

every-lism sucks!!