Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of blogging and finance

Tanuj (or as we call him here, Bhaiyya) brings to my notice that every post of mine on the first page of my blog is a criticism of someone. He is quite pleasantly amused by this fact, but I will have to disappoint him by saying that of late I have developed an aversion of this tendency of mine, and not only for what it implies abut my behaviour and nature.

You see, criticism bores me now. I refuse to criticise the commies, because their arguments are not worth criticising. Ditto for religious / political hawks and fundamentalists. Libertarians were a prime target earlier, but India Uncut has stagnated remarkably and Sabnis doesn't blog any more. Ravikiran came back on the scene and some new juice was offered, but I have noticed that my arguments with him often become too defensive and pedantic - of the 'no, I never said this' and 'yes, you did' type. (Was he also a debator in a previous avatar?) That stuff bores me much faster now than it did earlier.

Of course, criticising Avataram still remains fun, but the problem is that he blogs on The Maanga. Nilu has the attention span of a poodle if the discussion gets beyond his intellectual comprehension, as it frequently does. Which is why, often enough, a perfectly good rant-fest with Avataram is spoilt by his infantile posturing.

Basically, I am bored of criticising now. And hence, I will make a conscious attempt to shift the tone of this blog from critique to construction. In management jargon, I asked myself the question - what business am I in? And I discovered this.

So where does finance come in? Well Avataram seems to believe that blogging, and not finance, is my cobbling last. And I seem to think that I definitely understand finance better than I write on the blog. So how shall the twian meet? The answer, dear readers, is financial blogging, or more precisely, blogging on finance. Now don't run away - I am not going to write only on finance. In fact the non-financial posts will still greatly exceed the finance-related posts. Also, often enough, I will simply link to the efforts of my intellectual superiors rather than post myself. All I'm saying is, this blog will see more finance than it has seen in the past. Apart from all the stuff that I promised to write on some 2 years back.


Nilu said...

Ritwik, shut up.

doubtinggaurav said...

"Ditto for religious / political hawks and fundamentalists"

Why do you me so much :-(

doubtinggaurav said...

I meant why do you hate me so much.

Ritwik said...

No no, I don't hate you. What I mean is, I am never going to pick up a statement made in the press by some Imam or by Togadia and take it apart. Your arguments can definitely be rebutted :)

doubtinggaurav said...

Actually I agree. I try to avoid that too, except on days of slim picking/actual job related work.

avataram said...

If you take my random criticisms so seriously as to remember them for more than a day, then it cant be much fun to argue with me.

Ritwik said...

Oho, what's with this arbitrary one day limit. Reminds me of value at risk.

What to say, I just have a terribly good memory.

Tanuj Solanki said...

hey cool

I am humbled! Although ppl who like arguing with u definitely hate me now. But they can go to hell :)

Blogging finance is the most predictable thing yuu could do from here. I mean dont you have a taste. Write about (art + finance + treachery + sex)

overall i think this combo suits u best


this is a nasty prescription pill tat u and ur enemies will hate ofcourse

but may God bless em still! by the way which one of these is the puke connect us :)

Tanuj Solanki said...

btw, half of this post was sheer invective...

I bet u wont get over criticizing ppl.

You are too stupid for your intelligence.

Gaurav said...

There are those who often take themselves seriously. I am one of them. You joined our ranks about a year or so back.

With this post, you have moved into even more rarefied environs. You have now become someone who takes himself, not taking himself seriously and snickering at others taking themselves seriously, rather seriously.

kyos said...

this post only reminds of that argument you had regarding the hussain paintings, which i guess is when it all started.


Anonymous said...

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