Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Personal Notes - I and II

1 - People in my institute, when they prepare for an economics exam, read Pindyck and Rubinfeld. I, on the other hand, indulge in this. I am so bloody screwed.

2- One needs to measure one's tone. There's only so much egotistic vitriol that one can justify to oneself. Every once in while, something will happen that will raise guilt pangs about having spoken/written in a certain way.


doubtinggaurav said...

You are making habit of insulting people and then repenting :-D

Ritwik said...

Habit? I thought this was the only case. Which other case are you talking about?

The repentance comes about when one ses that the other person is modest and accommodating.

doubtinggaurav said...

1 Sandeep

2. Salil

Ritwik said...

Ohh!! Such huge time intervals are not to be considered as habit forming!

Apropos Sandeep - there was no insulting, the blog was his and I was ranting all over the place fighting with everyone else while he himself was away from the violent action and later left a small, pleasant comment. The apology was definitely in order.

As for Salil, I had no intentions to apologise, especially after his initial response. But it seemed he had ben really offended by the 'pseudo-secular' accusation. So, I thought, what's the big difference - no point unnecessarily offending anyone.

I still find the 'formlessness of divinity' bit ridiculous, though! ;-)

gaddeswarup said...

Do'nt worry too mch. I did not follow the events carefully but my overall impression is that you are showing enormous promise and eventually you will find your way around. It is easier to react to what others say than to develop one's own ideas. As long as enquiry and self doubt are present, I feel that you will do fine. Perhaps there are no solutions but a million little and big problems and millions of temporary solutions which will work for a while. Good luck and regards,

Ritwik said...



Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Looks like you need to be reminded of something which goes as follows

"Mugo Facchon, Mugo!!!"

Gosh, I miss the campus..... BTW, have you had the 200-500 yet??? I bet you enjoyed it [:)]

Ritwik said...

Arre kitna mugenge yaar. Bahot muga, bahot masti bhi ki. Mazaa aaya. I love the campus too.

Haven't had the 200-500 btw. What is it? - maybe they changed the namke this year.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Trtaditionally, the day before the first mid-sem exam, all lights in the hostels are switched off, facchas are kicked out of the library and any other area which they might use for studying for the next day. It is known well in advance to all WIMWIans that this is going to happen. This is called 200-500 coz the tucchas have 200 days more left on campus, while the facchas have 500 more days to spend between the bricks. The lights are typically switched off at 7 pm and are off till abt 10 pm ......

Ritwik said...

hehe, no that hasn't happened. we had a proper blackout before the Manac endsems for what seemed like eternity (but was actually only 1 hr) but i think the 200-500 tradition has probably been discontinued.

doubtinggaurav said...

It breaks my heart to see how younger generation disrespects tradition.
At this rate KGPians will soon forget Tarapado
I worry for the future.

Ritwik said...


Old traditions are discarded, and new ones are often started. For instance, we have re-started the Harvard dinner this year. Mayuresh may not know of it, because I think it was discontinued in 2001.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Whatever gave you the impression that we did not have Harvard dinner. We did have it in my 2 years at Ahmedabad, so get the facts right :-).
Do not know if it was discontinued after I left.

And Gaurav, as for Tarapodo, I tried doing a "Tarapodo.... Focus" in a movie hall in Mumbai, but no one responded hailing "KGP's tempo". Instead, I was given scorny looks by the movie enthusiasts around me, who believed that such an unruly behaviour was unwarranted in a multiplex movie hall :-(

To the uninformed, Tarapodo was the legendary operator of the projector at Netaji Auditorium in KGP, where the weekly movies were screened....... When the projector was out of focus, the students would yell "Tarapodo...Focus"

Once a KGPian in NYC yelled "Tarapodo .... focus" in a movie hall, and suddenly, people form of the crowd joined him. Later, it was found that all those people were KGP Alumni!!!

Ritwik said...


By Harvard dinner I mean THE Harvard dinner and not the every Friday harvard dinner. Maybe you guys had the original Harvard dinner as well - don't know. Tuchchas were telling us that it was discontinued some time back, possibly 2001, and they have re-started it this year.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...


THE Harvard dinner also existed, and we also got fined for breaking a glass window in the mess in our enthu to get in.

Catching the dorm table was fun too. The first Harvard dinner every year was THE Harvard dinner, where the facchas competed to for the tables and once the dorm table was secured, the tuchas got us food.

Anyways, we had a lousy canteen (above the mess) during our time.I hear now the canteen is much better, what with the rebranding exercize carried out. I think the new name is Cafe TINSTAAFL

Ritwik said...

Ohh ya the canteen's pretty decent. It's called Cafe Tanstaafl, after Tanstaafl at Wharton (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, and all that).