Monday, April 02, 2007

Of Ex-Cricketers, Blame Games & Cricket

Mike Atherton brings in the grand conspiracy theory -it is the corporates who keep Sachin's career going. Brilliant.

"The truth is that Tendulkar has been marketed as a brand for some time, advertising many of the biggest commercial names in India. There are many interested parties who are keen to see Tendulkar wearing India's colours for a while yet...

A man who has achieved almost everything there was to achieve in his own field is kept going because there are interested parties who want him to don his country's colours as he is a valuable brand. Indeed. What about this shocking hypothesis - he goes on because he believes he is good enough, because he feels that he has still something left to achieve. Delusion, maybe. But corporate pressure ??? Maybe Atherton was paid some money by Coke to write that. Makes sense no - you play because company wants you to, I write bullshit because company wants me to.

Meanwhile, Greg Chappell believes that 5 senior players did India in, and makes it seem like a conspiracy again. Even if the report is true - so what? All the senior players had a difference of opinion with you, the captain went with them and not you. History proved you right. So that means that the "senior players had no respect for the management"? Listen Chappell, the team is not your bloody fiefdom. Don't sulk and name names and reveal shit to the media just because some people don't agree with you, ok? You can do the "I told you so , I told you so, uh-oh, I told you so" dance ala Will & Grace. Don't take it as a personal affront. Or do even that, but don't act all self-righteous in front of the media and act as if everyone was bound by law to take your words as the gospel truth.

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